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mom2kids, I believe you have been here on Aidpage a few years... If you are who I believe you are you have twin boy's. Correct? I had joined Aidpage in 2011 year.. Been gone for a while... Feels good to be back here again.. Miss everyone!! Lost a few family members here... Will always miss hem... But happy too see many 'New' people have joined our family... Now, how are you doing these days??

Nothing new in my World.. Just enjoying our weather here in Nebraska. Surprising! the weather here in warm in the mid 40's and 50's... This is very unusual for nebraska..

Not complaining, just sayin...

Appears you are a very busy mom.. I have 2 son's which now are adults 23yrs and 19yrs..

Children grow fast! enjoy while they are little!!

Feel free to send a message back... Take care, sandra35
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littlelacie   in reply to Kygaul22
hi, woman in a shoe told you to look 9 postings down from your posting. You read someone else's message from her. The message Woman in a Shoe sent you said 9 postings down, that is where the posting for help is, exactly like she said. I posted it again, right below this one, so you can see it.
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Kygaul22   in reply to woman in a shoe
I looked ten post down no link for help
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Kygaul22   in reply to woman in a shoe
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Kygaul22   in reply to woman in a shoe
Were the link to get help you said
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woman in a shoe
Hi this is only a info site i am sorry i miss your message last year but there no resources that will help a grandma or grandpa get anything for there grandkids the only way they will if u got custody of them. They will only help kids newborn to 12. If u still need help and u got custody look ten posts down u will see a list of places that mite be able to help
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mom2kids. Just a message to say, Hi! and to introduce myself. I 'v been a member here in Aidpage for a few years. Later: I had to decline from visiting Aidpage my mom became very sick; she lived with me and my family... Now I am back and So happy to see so many "new" people that joined Aidpage. We are a Big family that cares and shares with one another through the tough times... I have always said, "Aidpage is the BEST site on the internet". Hope these words stay true. I hope you have had great experiences here too. Have you been a member very long? I believe I joined in 2010. I am so happy to be back here again... May I see you here again.. Feel free to respond back... I like meeting new people, and especially people on Aidpage.. Enjoy the rst of your day!! Sandra35
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Hi again it's November 3/2015 I need to see if I can get Christmas help with my grandkids please we have had it hard again the lil girl had back surgery again in July she we're a back brace still has to have slot more surgery s we paying on her medical bills so we will be having it hard for Christmas for them laylynn is a girl 8years old she is in to frozen wear a size 6t jeans shoes 12 and Micky is 12 years old size 11r in jeans shoes size 5 but thanks and God bless you God is great
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Will send them out shortly after December 5th.
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Hello mom2kids

I'm curious about the ages of your daughters and grandkids. If your oldest daughter is only 20, how can you have a 10 yr old grandkid?

Your daughters are old enough to be working. Are they employed?
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mom2kids   in reply to zblue
Ok thanks
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Hi. Shipped out. So expect by wed. Fedex. And send ne pix after Xmas ;). Zblue
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